These FAQ’s are for advisory purposes only and cannot, and should not, be relied upon as legal advice.  These FAQ’s do not restrict the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists in interpreting or applying The Lobbyists Act. In all cases, the Act must be considered in its entirety and is always the definitive and binding document. 

Q: What is a consultant lobbyist?

Generally speaking, consultant lobbyists are people who, for payment, agree to lobby on behalf of a client. A lobbyist must register their activities on the Saskatchewan lobbyist registry within 10 days of undertaking to lobby.

Q: What is an in-house lobbyist?

In-house lobbyists communicate with public office holders on behalf of the corporation or organization which employs them.  Registration by in-house lobbyists is required once they have lobbied for 30 hours annually.

Q: What contacts with government representatives are not considered lobbying?

The Lobbyists Act does not apply to some submissions, such as:

  • In proceedings that are a matter of public record to a committee of the Legislative Assembly or to any body or person having jurisdiction or powers conferred by or pursuant to this Act;
  • To a public office holder by an individual on behalf of an person or organization concerning;
    • The enforcement, interpretation or application of any Act or regulation by the public office holder with respect to the person or organization; or
    • The implementation or administration of any program, policy, directive or guideline by the public office holder with respect to the person or organization;
  • To a public office holder by an individual on behalf of a person or organization in response to a request initiated by a public office holder for advice or comment on any matter;
  • To a member of the Legislative Assembly in his or her capacity as a member of the Legislative Assembly by a constituent of the member, unless the submission concerns the introduction, passage or amendment in the Legislative Assembly of a private Bill for the special benefit of that constituent.

Q: Am I lobbying as a private citizen if I have a conversation with my MLA about an issue of interest to me, or from which I will personally benefit?

Clause 4(2)(d) of The Lobbyists Act allows a constituent to speak with their MLA about issues that concern them or their constituency without being required to register as a lobbyist.

Q: What is the Saskatchewan lobbyist registry?

The Saskatchewan lobbyist registry is an online registration system which allows individuals and organizations to register their lobbying activities by filing a return and updating the information in accordance with the requirements of The Lobbyists Act.  As part of the Province‚Äôs commitment to accountable and transparent government, the registry allows the public to search and view all of the information in the returns.

Q: Do lobbyists from outside Saskatchewan have to disclose activities in the Registry?

Any person or organization who lobbies Saskatchewan Provincial public officials must register their activities on the lobbyist registry.

Q: Can Public Office Holders accept tokens of appreciation?

All lobbyists are prohibited from providing gifts or personal benefits to Public Office Holders who they are lobbying or intend to lobby.  The Public Office Holder cannot accept a gift or personal benefit if it would place the Public Office Holder in a conflict of interest.  The one minor exception would be if the gift or personal benefit is given as an incident of protocol or social obligation and is valued at less than $200.

Q: What can a citizen do if he/she knows a person has been lobbying but is not registered in the lobbyist registry?

If you suspect or know that someone has been lobbying and does not appear to be registered on the lobbyist registry please call the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists at 1-306-787-0800.