These FAQ’s are for advisory purposes only and cannot, and should not, be relied upon as legal advice. These FAQ’s do not restrict the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists in interpreting or applying The Lobbyists Act. In all cases, the Act must be considered in its entirety and is always the definitive and binding document.

Q: Are there individuals whose activities are exempt from lobbying?

The Legislation reflects a focus on the private sector and paid lobbyist activities.

Some individuals that are exempt include volunteers who are not receiving payment and employees of federal and provincial/territorial governments when acting in their official capacities.

** For a full list of those individuals or organizations who are exempt please refer to The Lobbyists Act.

Q:  Do lobbyists have to file a registration if they are participating in a government initiated consultation?

No, as per clause.4(2)(c), if a public office holder has asked an individual for advice or comment on a specific issue then that is not considered lobbying.

Q:  Do charitable organizations need to register?

Yes, if the organization has 5 or more paid employees and if the lobbying activity performed is more than 30 hours annually

Q: How do I know if I have to file/register a return?

If you accept payment to communicate with a Saskatchewan public office holder in an attempt to influence a government decision or policy then you are considered a lobbyist and must register your activities in the Lobbyist Registry.

If you are an in-house lobbyist then you must register your lobbying activities once you reach the 30 hours annual threshold.

Q: How are the 30 annual hours determined for in-house lobbyists?

The Regulations cite that an in-house lobbyist shall include all time spent on lobbying activities including time that is related to, and necessary for carrying out lobbying. This includes preparation time such as research, writing, photocopying, time spent arranging meetings and actual meetings, in addition to travel time to and from the organizations’ office where lobbying is located and the office of the public official.

Q: Do all employees of the organization who contribute to lobbying activities have to be named in the registration?

No, only the name of the organization and names of each in-house lobbyist for that organization are to be included.

Q: Who registers on behalf of the organization?

The term Designated Filer is defined as:

  • A consultant lobbyist
  • In the case of an in-house lobbyist, the most senior officer of the organization who receives payment for performing his or her functions; or
  • If there is no senior officer, the most senior in-house lobbyist of the organization.

Any of these 3 persons may submit a registration on behalf of an organization.

Q:  Are there activities that are NOT considered lobbying?

Governance requires constant communication within government, between governments in all their various forms, and with businesses, other organizations and citizens. There are many, many of these conversations every day.

The purpose of the Saskatchewan lobbyist registry is to capture and report on only those conversations where someone is being paid to communicate with the provincial government in an attempt to influence the government in such a way as to benefit the party paying that person.

If you have a question of whether communications or intended communications are registerable please contact the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists.

Q: Is there any prohibition on giving gifts to Public Officer Holders?

Yes, s.12.1(1) provides that, in the course of lobbying activities, no lobbyist shall …give or promise any gift or personal benefit to a public office holder…

For additional clarification and information please read the Registrar Directive in the RESOURCE section on this website.

Q:  When do I have to update my return?

If you are a consultant lobbyist you must update the information on your return within 30 days after the end of each six-month period. There is also a provision that if any material changes occur within that 6 month period (such as you decide to lobby an additional public official or change your address) then you must update your return within 30 days of that change.

The same rule applies to in-house lobbyists.

Q: What happens when I complete all lobbying for my client?

Within 30 days of all lobbying activities associated with a specific client being completed a consultant lobbyist must update the return on the lobbyist registry and notify the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists in writing.

Q:  Are there sanctions if a lobbyist has not registered their activities?

The Lobbyists Act gives the Registrar of Lobbyists the power to conduct investigations and assess an administrative penalty to lobbyists who are not complying with the Act.

Penalties up to $25,000 and prohibitions on lobbying can be assessed by the Registrar.