Information for Administrative Filers

The Lobbyists Act for Saskatchewan establishes the term “designated filer” to define who is responsible for registering lobbying activities. According to the Act a designated filer is:

  • A consultant lobbyist; OR
  • In the case of an organization that has an in-house lobbyist;
    • The most senior officer of the organization who receives payment for performing his or her functions; or
    • The most senior in-house lobbyist of the organization.

The Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists recognizes that staff other than designated filers may perform the registering and updating functions required of lobbyists. These people are referred to as “administrative filers” and an organization can delegate up to three people as administrative filers.

While the administrative filer may register or update a file on the lobbyist registry, the responsibility for ensuring the information is accurate, true and has met the required deadlines rests solely with the lobbyist (“designated filer”). Once the administrative filer has completed filling in the return details the designated filer has to certify the information as to its veracity and then submit the return. The administrative filer cannot submit a return on behalf of a designated filer.