Legal Obligations for Lobbyists

Lobbyists are required to submit information on the Lobbyist Registry about communications with public office holders in order to be compliant with the legislation. The Registry is not intended to impede lobbying activities, but rather to provide transparency to the citizens of the province.

As a Lobbyist you are legally required to:

  • Read and understand your obligations under The Lobbyists Act.
  • Register in accordance with the timelines set out in The Lobbyists Act.
  • Update your information in accordance with the timelines set out in The Lobbyists Act.
  • Provide complete, unambiguous and accurate information.
  • Respond to requests for information or corrections from the Registrar or his or her delegate in a timely manner.
  • Not to provide a gift or personal benefit to public office holders unless it fits within the narrow exception set out in section 12.1 of the Act.